How Much Debt Collector Can Take Out Of Retirement In 2019?


Hello. I received a pension of PLN 3873. It was a repayment for 2 months + the current month. The bailiff from the account took 2298,42 PLN. Is this correct? My monthly pension is PLN 1320. So how long will the bailiff take?

If you had 3873 zlotys on your bank account, then the bailiff from the bank account may take the whole, leaving only the amount free from seizure bailiffs.

In 2018, it is PLN 1575. The amount of PLN 1575 is 75% of the minimum remuneration for work, which in 2018 amounts to PLN 2,100 gross. So everything is correct, the bailiff has taken you a bank account in accordance with the law.

Execution of bailiffs from retirement is one of the most popular methods of debt enforcement performed by a bailiff.

From 1 July 2017, bailiffs are subject to new limits for bailiffs’ retirement classes and this is: 75% of the minimum retirement net amount.

As in 2018, the minimum pension is PLN 1,000 gross (ie PLN 853.84 net), then the debt collector must leave the pensioner at least PLN 640.30, or 75% of the net amount of the pension.

How many chambers will you take away from your retirement?

If in your case the pension is 1320 PLN gross, that is 1112,25 net, the bailiff must leave you for life, at least 640,38 PLN and will take you 471.87 PLN.

I leave you a table where you can check exactly how much the bailiff will take from retirement with different amounts of the benefit:


Application to the bailiff for exemption from seizure of a pension / retirement

Application to the bailiff for an exemption from retirement pension


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