Sine Credit or Request the Money You Need For Any Unforeseen



This entity has a series of characteristics that make it worth considering as the definitive solution to solve specific economic situations. A welcome offer difficult to refuse if you are looking for a first loan to boost your portfolio this month.

Dineo has multiple physical stores spread across the Spanish territory (Dineo Cash-Converters), it is possible to access one of them, and get an immediate loan, you can leave their offices with the money in your wallet. Through its portal you can select where the establishment closest to your location is located. You can find them in: Albacete, Alicante, Almeria, Badajoz, Barcelona, ​​Cádiz, Cartagena, Castellón, Córdoba, Coruña, Gijón, Granada, Guipúzcoa, Jaén, Las Palmas, Leganés, Lleida, Logroño, Madrid, Málaga, Móstoles, Murcia, Navarre, Oviedo, Palma De Mallorca, Pontevedra, Sabadell, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Tarragona, Tenerife, Valencia, Valladolid, Vecindario, Vigo, Vitoria, Vizcaya, Zaragoza.

It is crucial to clarify certain factors especially if it is your first request

It is crucial to clarify certain factors especially if it is your first request

This entity offers microloans, small amounts of money ideal to solve specific situations. They should never be used to pay debts, any additional financial event may aggravate the financial situation of the client.

The amount to be requested is € 50 to € 500 and must be returned within a period of 5 to 30 days, there is also the possibility of extending the return period. The percentage of interest is between 6% and 35%, this will depend on the return period and the amount requested. All the processing is online, the process generates a response from the entity in a few minutes.

Online loans have become very important, it is a fast and efficient service and they present themselves as a strong alternative to bank loans. An application through the bank requires moving to the branch, waiting to be attended, completing a form and an exhaustive evaluation of the level of solvency of the client, besides it is not a service for the unemployed.

It is possible that a bank guarantee or goods are requested as a guarantee of payment. This is accompanied by explanations of the use of money after this process, perhaps it is necessary in case of not being the bank in which you are registered, to hire an additional service such as a credit card. This requires maintenance may also charge opening fees. You must assess the characteristics of the service of the borrower.

These consumer loans are ideal for specific situations such as acquiring material goods, repairing the car breakdown, paying offenses, etc. These microloans are easier to obtain through Dineo credit and similar entities, the bank offers access to higher amounts and requirements.

What will you need for your credit Dineo application?

What will you need for your credit Dineo application?

It will be necessary for the entity to verify the identity of the client, therefore have your ID / NIE at hand, it is not the only method, through an extract of the bank account or your online bank they will be able to verify the information and analyze the level of solvency .

These loans are granted quickly, it will be necessary for the user to fill out an application, but in this process you must create your profile through the customer area, everything can end in 8 minutes and with the money in your account, it will also be necessary to provide a number of telephone and a personal email.

What conditions must I meet in order for the application to be eligible?

What conditions must I meet in order for the application to be eligible?

Being of legal age will be a fundamental requirement

Have valid documentation DNI / NIE

Reside in Spain on a regular basis

Own a registered account in Spanish banks

What will that first loan be like?


With Dineo credit there is a promotion for users who are their customers for the first time. They can get up to € 300 without interest , they only pay what they have requested. This loan must be returned within a maximum period of 30 days, but remember that the longer the refund will increase the interest rate.

Your second loan by having the customer profile created, facilitates the processing and you could get the money even in less time. The final loan in your account is subject to the time of the bank where you are registered and if you work with Dineo credit, the time to obtain it could be between 24 and 48 hours.

How do I return the loan?


This entity works with Santander bank, this is where you must enter the refund within the agreed term to your account number. At the time of making the transfer, the concept must be specified: Loan number and DNI.

What happens if I can not pay my loan on time?

What happens if I can not pay my loan on time?

To avoid incurring defaults there is the possibility of extending the return period: you must inform the entity how much additional time you need and pay the respective commission to the extension period. The refund can be made both in their physical stores and online.